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Yuta Zipper Hoodie

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This whole collection features some of the most detailed embroidery we have ever made. The embroidery of Yuta's sword on the back of this Hoodie has over 120000 stitches and takes 12 hours to produce. Due to this high effort, this will be the only time this design will be offered for this low of a price. The design also features our new magnetic buttons and pendants that let you customize your hoodie and add your own touch! It comes with a set of button top pieces that can easily be interchanged with top pieces from other hoodies from this collection. Your will also be able to purchase complementary top pieces as an add on in the future to further customize these hoodies. The pieces are made from high quality metal and black resin. The fabric is made from the highest quality 100% cotton yarns. The design also features unique embroidered appliqué flame patterns on the body and sleeves that are inspired by Yuta's cursed energy. I also has a curved Zipper to give this design an even more unique look. 

Enhance your wardrobe with this item and wear a piece that give you comfort and sparks good memories from one of your favorite animes. 

We hope you enjoy your new JJK inspired Zipper Hoodie!