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KB Exclusive Trunks Sword

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Introducing the formidable 9-inch Trunks Z Sword, a compact yet powerful weapon that pays homage to the legendary Trunks from the Dragon Ball series. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this miniature replica captures the essence of the iconic sword wielded by the Saiyan warrior.

Measuring a mere 9 inches in length, this Z Sword is designed for both collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate the significance of Trunks' weapon in the Dragon Ball lore. The intricately detailed hilt features the classic design elements seen in the anime, complete with the distinct blue and silver color scheme that defines Trunks' style.

The miniature blade is a testament to the craftsmanship behind this collectible. Despite its size, the stainless steel construction ensures durability and a polished finish that gleams in any light. The etched Trunks insignia on the blade serves as a mark of authenticity, making this Z Sword a must-have for fans who wish to own a piece of the Dragon Ball universe.

Whether displayed proudly in a collector's showcase or wielded in the hands of a miniature figure, the 9-inch Trunks Z Sword is a captivating tribute to the indomitable spirit of Trunks and the epic battles that define the Dragon Ball saga. It's not just a miniature replica; it's a symbol of Saiyan strength and the enduring legacy of one of Dragon Ball's most beloved characters.