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Taylor 2017 114e Walnut Electro Acoustic Guitar - Natural

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$35.00 USD each
  • Traditional grand auditorium electro acoustic model
  • Full sizing makes it sound incredibly detailed and provides plentiful volume
  • Employs the very popular solid Sitka Spruce tonewood for the soundboard
  • Beautiful walnut back and sides offer a wide range of tones
  • Smooth 25 1/2 inch scale length sapele neck fitted via scarf neck joint
  • Ebony fingerboard with decorative dot Italian acrylic inlays
  • Equipped with Expression System 2 onboard electronics
  • Reliable Taylor chrome tuners fitted to headstock
  • Includes a lightweight gig bag with every purchase

The 2017 Taylor 114e Grand Auditorium electro acoustic guitar is a superb choice for beginners who're looking for a comfortable and luxurious model to start off on, whilst more experienced players will appreciate the convenient playing feel and incredible resilience this little beauty has to offer.

Traditional body shape

The Grand Auditorium body shape is renowned for its all-purpose characteristics. It is much smaller in size and scale when compared to the popular dreadnought, but can easily hold its own with regard to unleashing a powerful tonal volley, whilst each note is delivered with absolute clarity. Whether you're a soloist or perform as part of an ensemble, a fingerstyle player or a strummer, the Grand Auditorium is suited to any musical and playing style. This is an excellent shape if you're a session musician, or simply someone who wants a guitar that covers all bases with the greatest of ease.

The top of the 114e is made from solid Sitka spruce, a tonewood that is favoured by Taylor due to its characteristically high level of resonance, making it the perfect soundboard. Taylor's forward shifted bracing pattern supports the top to prevent buckling or warping over time. The bright sounding Sitka delivers an incisive bite in the upper frequency range, which cuts through the darker sounding walnut used in the back and sides.

High clarity pickup

In addition to the natural sound projection abilities of the tonewoods and dreadnought body shape, the 114e is fitted with Taylor's Expression System 2 electronics system, which allows you to plug the guitar into an amplifier. The ES-2 is a single-source, under-saddle transducer with individual response elements for each string. It features a built-in preamp to give the signal a boost, if necessary, and the same active controls that are on the full ES in more expensive models. These are discreetly tucked away so that they don't interfere with your playing.

A smooth and sturdy sapele neck is fitted to the body of the 2017 114e. Set along a 25-1/2"" scale length, the neck provides the perfect support to play on. Married to the neck is a sumptuous ebony fingerboard, which responds with the utmost accuracy to every nuance of your playing style. Taylors die-cast chrome tuners uphold tuning integrity throughout each and every performance. The smooth and smart black pickguard protects the body top from unwanted nicks and scrapes, whilst creating a subtle contrast to the gorgeous natural finish. Taylor has also supplied the 114e with a protective gig bag, allowing you to transport your new guitar around in style.

Taylor Guitars have an incredible reputation when it comes to premium guitar production and the 2017 114e Walnut Electro Acoustic Guitar is testimony to this - A real object of desire.