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Sakura Densya 3D Wooden DIY Book Nook

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Sakura Densya
Sakura Densya
Sunshine Town
Magic House
Time Travel
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DIYative™ Sakura Densya Book Nook is a 3D Wooden Puzzle miniature kit that shows a tremendously beautiful scene of Tokyo streets during spring, inspired by the quiet and healing everyday life in Tokyo, where you can see Trams passing slowly, cats on the window of a bookstore, and cherry blossoms falling in the wind.

This miniature house book nook will be great home decor for a bookshelf or any other room space. It will also look amazing in the dark with the warm lights on.  A perfect hands-on gift for kids & adults.


The tram slowly passes over the iron bridge next to the beautiful cherry blossom trees. The tram is made of one-millimeter cardboard, a two-millimeter wood board, and translucent PE sheet paper to restore its details.


The bookstore by the riverbank is equipped with two lights inside and outside respectively, emitting a warm light and creating a cozy atmosphere. The tiles made of corrugated paper look super real and simple, and the contrast of different materials has more layers to them and is more vivid!


In order to create a realistic river effect, a 3D water ripple transparent PET material was chosen, which makes the river shine under the light mapping and brings a wonderful visual impact.