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PRS SE 2017 Custom 24 Limited Run Electric Guitar - Ebony

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  • Limited edition model boasting premium tonewoods
  • Solid mahogany body lays a warm tonal foundation
  • Classic double-cutaway body profile with elegantly contoured edges
  • Maple neck with wide thin profile maximises playing comfort
  • Elegant 24-fret rosewood fingerboard with trademark ""bird"" inlays
  • Equipped with the updated 85/15 ""S"" dual humbuckers
  • Fitted with a PRS-designed tremolo bridge for concise vibrato mastery
  • 3-way pickup blade switch, master volume and tone control with coil-tap
  • Superb model that is perfect for gigging, touring, and recording with

The PRS SE Custom 24 2017 Limited Run Electric Guitar delivers the exceptional standards of quality we've come to expect from PRS guitars, with some unique features that are exclusive to these limited run editions. Whether you're seeking a trustworthy touring partner, a solid studio workhorse, or are simply seeking an elegant guitar to lay down your chops on, the PRS SE 2017 Custom 24 2017 Limited Run electric guitar offers luxury at an affordable price.

Sleek Custom 24 body

The SE Custom 24 body is sweetly contoured to providing the perfect playing position when you perform, which is why it's easy to see why professionals love it so much. Constructed from a combination of two fantastic tonewoods this model is both lightweight but packs a punch. Mahogany makes up the back and sides with its deep resounding character, giving the guitar a solid mid to low-end foundation. Married to this is an exotic tonewood that complements the sophisticated aesthetic of the model, whilst enriching the rich timbre produced by the instrument.

Slender yet solid neck

Fitted firmly and carefully to the body is a gorgeous maple neck. Shaped to the wide-thin profile, the neck offers a comfortable and accommodating feel - perfect for any playing style. Attached to the neck is a sumptuous rosewood fingerboard, home to 24-frets along a very accommodating 25-inch scale length. The maple/rosewood combination ensures a responsive playing feel, with clarity and articulation across the fingerboard.

Versatile electronics

The SE Custom 24 2017 Limited Edition features a pair of SE 85/15 ""S"" pickups in the neck and bridge positions, with a volume knob, a push/pull tone control and a 3-way pickup selector switch. The push/pull control allows you to coil tap the humbuckers to get a biting single-coil tone. The 3-way pickup selector switch allows you to individually select either pickup or both simultaneously for a much fuller tone. Whatever style of music you play, the tonal versatility created by this setup has you covered.

As the name suggests, the SE Custom 24 is fitted with a Floyd Rose 1000 Series locking vibrato bridge. If you're looking to perform some serious fretboard gymnastics then you have everything on hand to make your playing experience as smooth as possible.

The PRS SE Custom 24 2017 Limited Run Electric Guitar has been designed and built to deliver a hardwearing guitar that looks as beautiful as it sounds. The smoothness of the body, the fast-playing neck, the ease with which tones full of richness and depth are just a fingertip away, the graceful response of the bridge and the overall solid feel, all come together to create a guitar that is set to became an instant classic.