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Murasame - Akame Ga Kill

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Murasame is a cursed sword featured in the anime and manga series Akame Ga Kill. The sword is wielded by the character Akame, who is one of the main protagonists of the series.

Murasame is a katana, a Japanese sword characterized by its distinctive curved, single-edged blade. The blade is said to be so sharp that it can cut through almost anything with ease, and it is also said to be capable of inflicting deadly poison on its targets.

The curse of Murasame lies in its ability to inflict a deadly poison on whoever it cuts. The poison spreads rapidly through the victim's body, causing excruciating pain and ultimately leading to death. However, the curse also extends to the wielder of the sword, as they must constantly feed it with the blood of their enemies to prevent the poison from affecting them.

Despite its deadly nature, Murasame is a powerful weapon in the hands of a skilled wielder. Akame is one such wielder, and she is able to use the sword with deadly accuracy and precision. Throughout the series, she uses Murasame to take down powerful foes and protect her comrades, all while struggling to resist the curse of the sword.


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