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Martin GPCPA4 Electro Acoustic Guitar - Shaded Natural

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  • Electro-acoustic guitar with grand performance, cutaway body shape
  • Sitka spruce top with Hybrid ""X"" Scalloped
  • Solid sapele back and sides
  • Fishman F1 analog electronics system fitted
  • Delmar tortoiseshell colour pickguard and black boltaron binding around the top
  • Black Richlite fingerboard and bridge
  • Black Boltaron binding
  • Includes Martin 375 hardshell case

The Martin GPCPA4 shaded electro acoustic guitar is a true performer's instrument. It is designed to be loved and appreciated, not only by the guitarist playing it, but by the people you're sharing you music and passion with too.

The body is shaped to Martin's grand performance-style, which combines a large lower bout to give a full low-end rumble and a slimmer waist to create sweetly crisp highs. The lower bout is more in keeping with that of a jumbo-shape, which allows it to produce massive amounts of power, but this gently tapers off towards the neck.

The combination of tonewoods that have been used to craft the GPCPA4 are solid sapele for the back and sides with a solid Sitka spruce top. The sapele is excellent at creating richly textured and complex tones, generating a character that makes each model unique. The spruce top is incredibly flexible, which allows it to project sound efficiently. Therefore, you can expect unrivalled clarity across the dynamic range - whether you play fingerstyle or with a plectrum.

Martin's hybrid ""X"" scalloped bracing pattern allows the top to resonate fully whilst supporting it fully. You can rest assured that as with all guitars that Martin produce, the GPCPA4 is a workhorse that is most definitely built to last - playing the guitar extensively allows the tonewoods to develop their own individual character, making each model incredibly special as it becomes a true representation of the love and energy you put into it.

An exquisitely detailed Delmar tortoiseshell colour pickguard protects the underside of the strings. The edging around the top is protected by black boltaron binding to ensure no unwanted nicks or chips affect the soundboard's ability to perform.

The select hardwood neck is combined with a black richlite fingerboard. Both work together to create a crisp and articulate measure against the powerful body shape and tonewoods. No matter how hard you may strike the strings, you will only ever get a joyful tone of the utmost definition. Offset white ABS dots guide your way up the fingerboard as you play.

To make the GPCPA4 truly versatile, Martin have installed the Fishman F1 analog electronics system, allowing you to take you sound to the next level and play to a much larger audience. The Fishman F1 perfectly represents the tonal output of the GPCPA4 without distortion of the signal, simply amplifying it. This is exemplified by the simplistic control setup of a single volume control and a single tone control. Simply plug in using the 1/4"" jack and you're good to go. There is even a built-in digital chromatic tuner to keep you in check, and a low battery indicator guarantees you can always be ready to play.

The Martin GPCPA4 is a beautiful electro acoustic, completed in a shaded natural finish that is perfect for guitarists/singer-songwriters who're looking for a guitar that offers power and precision. It comes with a 375 hardshell case so you're ready to gig as soon as it arrives.