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Magic House 3D Wooden DIY Book Nook

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Magic House
Magic House
Sakura Densya
Sunshine Town
Time Travel
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DIYative Magic House Book Nook is a mysterious magical alley that only those who can do magic can enter. Here, you can buy all the necessary equipment  to live in the magic world. Now, assemble all the 3D wooden puzzle pieces together and build this magic house with your own hands. It will be a super cool book nook & unique decoration for your bookshelf and will look amazing in the dark with the warm lights on. It's also a perfect hands-on gift for DIY lovers and magic lovers on birthdays and holidays.

Unlock the seal, say the spell, and release the magic and miracle.

The lights are flashing and the neighborhood that sells magic must be ahead. Using UV-printed PET sheets as glass both enriches the interior scene and softens the light.

Creative acrylic doorways guide you to the entrance of the magical world - right here, pick a corner of the street and secretly practice magic and spells