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Ibanez GSR200B-WNF Bass Guitar - Walnut Flat

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  • Mahogany body with deep-double cutaway and walnut flat finish
  • Maple neck with fast-playing GSR4 profile
  • 22-fret rosewood fingerboard with white dot position inlays
  • Solid and reliable B10 bridge upholds intonation steadily
  • Combination of Ibanez Dynamix pickups delivers a firm sonic punch
  • Phat II EQ allows you to shape your tone to suit your needs
  • Resilient tuning machines maintain tuning integrity firmly
  • Black hardware complements the body finish beautifully
  • Excellent bass for beginners or players want an affordable model that is a joy to perform with

Hailing from the legendary S Series, the Ibanez GSR200B-WNF Bass Guitar features the customary characteristics that have made the series such a popular choice for professionals since its introduction over 25 years ago. The harmonious marriage of an exquisitely comfortable playability and exceptional tonal versatility serves to make this bass a truly remarkable model.


In keeping with the slender, sleek and effortlessly playable feel, the body of the Ibanez GSR200B-WNF bass features an ergonomically shaped profile that enables the instrument to rest snugly against you during performances. Mahogany has been used in the construction of the body due to its rich, dense timbre, which gives the bass a thumping, driven tonality. Fitted to the body is a stable B10 bridge, anchoring each string to guarantee optimum intonation and sustain.

The GSR200B-WNF benefits from Ibanez' wealth of experience in forming necks that are renowned for being super-slim, fast-playing and a joy to run your hand along, whilst retaining an enviable strength that is very reassuring. The maple neck adds the perfect counter to the mahogany's low-end drive, by delivering an articulate measure. Married to the neck is a 22-fret rosewood fingerboard that is decorated with white dot position inlays to guide your way.


Representing the timbre of the mahogany/maple/rosewood partnership is no mean feat, but Ibanez has carried it off with ease. The GSR200B-WNF is equipped with a pair of Ibanez Dynamix pickups, which are fitted in the neck and bridge positions. This pairing guarantees a smooth and responsive sonic representation of the tonewoods, from warm mid to low tones through to crisp upper mid to high tones. By including the Phat II EQ system, Ibanez has ensured that an active bass boost is present to give even greater energy to your low-end drive.

The Ibanez GSR200B-WNF bass guitar carries and affordable price tag that makes it fantastic for beginners, but more experienced players will recognise many standard Ibanez traits in this design: impeccable construction, fantastic tonewoods, diverse tonality, intuitive controls, joyful playability, and with the Walnut Flat finish to seal the deal, this is a bass not to be missed.