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Haunted House DIY Decoration Kit

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The Do-it-Yourself Haunted House Decoration Kit is available for immediate shipping.
ONLY 6 LEFT for this Halloween Season. ORDER now if you want one.
I’ve taken one of my favorite computer generated illustrations from my large stage set design, and made it into tabletop size. (You can find the How-to book for building that 30 foot x 25 foot stage set right here in my shop)
The decoration kit consists of a 24 inch x 37 inch, quality stock paper, printed with all of the pieces for the house on it. There are 16 basic pieces to the project and additional “extras” to add on after the basic build of the house facade is done.
An 8-page, full-color, instruction booklet with over 60 photos that demonstrate exactly how to make the house facade successfully is included and include how to make the creepy curtains and yard are also included. All of the tools and materials are listed in the booklet and they are few and inexpensive. Using a basic, black/cardboard, tri-fold project display board, (the kind we use for science projects) a sheet of regular, black poster board, scissors, spray adhesive (I recommend Loctite), an Exacto knife and extra blades, and a glue gun, you simply adhere the poster to the boards where designated, cut out the pieces, and assemble them using a glue gun.
I've included a little foam pumpkin, a little jointed plastic skeleton, enough gauze to make the curtains, and some web. (You can see the pumpkin, skeleton, webs, and gauze curtains in my finished project photo)
The finished house facade is 20 inches x 26 inches and is attached to a 9 inch x 20 inch base, perfect to set on a buffet table, a mantle, or anywhere you want a Halloween accent piece. Use your own ideas to accessorize the look with lights, Halloween characters, or your own special touches. (You see mine in the photos)
It is truly fun to make and will give you years of enjoyment! It is a great family project and can be done in a couple of days.
I DO ship out of the US at current shipping costs and work out special deals for international customers.
I offer easy access to me if you should have any questions about the construction. I service each buyer personally and individually. I am a one-person operation. If you have any questions on the product, or how it goes together, simply text me. I’m glad to help.
If the product is not what you expected, let me know and I will refund your money (excluding shipping) when you return the product intact.