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Gibson 2017 Firebird T Electric Guitar

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  • Traditional Firebird model revamped for 2017
  • Body constructed entirely from mahogany
  • Smooth mahogany/walnut neck with comfortable Slim Taper profile
  • 22-fret fingerboard made from thicker rosewood
  • Kitted out with Mini Humbucker pickups
  • Fitted with unique, precise Steinberger gearless tuners
  • Self-lubricating tektoid nut enhances sustain
  • Comes with a brown Firebird hardshell case

After the huge success of Gibson's semi-hollow and hollowbody guitars they decided to have a bash at creating some solidbody models. One of the first solidbody guitars became an overnight success much to Gibson's surprise, and this was the now renowned Firebird. This astonishing guitar was the brainchild of car designer Ray Dietrich who worked alongside Ted McCarty (the then Gibson President). With its unique shape derived from car tailfins, this new Gibson was a revolution, and the 2017 Traditional rendition keeps many of the original historic features with some added new and exclusive appointments.


Unlike guitars at the time of its birth in the early 1960s, the Firebird had a reverse-style body and a longer right horn, which it retains today. The neck-through-body is constructed from mahogany, a preferred tonewood for Gibson. The mahogany body feels lightweight and comfortable, reducing fatigue especially for performers and live musicians.


As mentioned, the 2017 Firebird T has a neck-through-body construction, which boosts sustain and grants full access to all the frets, even the upper registers. The neck is made up of mahogany and walnut and shaped to the classic Firebird Slim Taper profile for a faster, more comfortable playing feel in the hand of a modern guitarist.

The neck is topped with a thicker rosewood fingerboard providing you with 22 frets to enjoy. The use of this thicker rosewood boosts tonal depth produced by the guitar for a high quality sound output. Gibson have fitted a Tektoid nut that is self-lubricating for a better return to pitch and improved sustain.


The 2017 Firebird T is equipped with a pair of Mini Humbucker pickups, with one in the neck position and another in the bridge position. The original Firebirds were also fitted with this superb pickup duo, and the 2017 version will still deliver those PAF-style authentic Gibson tones.

Featuring the usual controls for rhythm and lead Volume and Tone and a 3-way toggle pickup switch, you can shape your tone to suit your playing needs. Each control has a black tophat with a silver insert, complementing the body finish.


The Firebird T headstock is directly fitted with the exceptional Steinberger Gearless tuning keys set to a 40:01:00 gear ratio. Their rare design and precise ratio ensure consistency in tuning each string as well as improving the overall sustain.

To further boost sustain and resonance there is a traditional chrome-plated aluminium Tune-o-Matic bridge and an aluminium Stop Bar tailpiece.

To protect and complement the body's smooth hi-gloss 90 sheen lacquer finish is a 3-ply white Firebird pickguard with the quintessential gold Firebird on it. To enable the guitarist to look after this wonderful guitar as best as possible, Gibson include a brown Firebird hardshell case, premium strap and polishing cloth.