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G5655T-CB Electric Guitar - Rosa Red

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  • Alternate Gretsch style with Rosa Red finish
  • Maple body provides a bright and snappy timbre
  • Maple neck assures a firm a supportive playing feel
  • Rosewood fingerboard guarantees a luxurious playing feel
  • 22 medium-jumbo frets offer a wide ranging tonal playground
  • Black Top Filter'Tron and dual-coil super hi-lo'Tron pickups
  • Anchored adjusto-matic bridge with Bigsby-Licensed B50 vibrato tailpiece

For over 130 years, Gretsch guitars have been in the arsenal of some of the world's greatest guitarists - Chet Atkins, George Harrison and Pete Townshend to name but a few - establishing themselves as the go to instrument for players across a wide range of genres. With the G5655T electric guitar, Gretsch extend their reach further into the hard rock market with a versatile beauty, capable of producing wonderfully lush tones with explosive power.


The arched top, back and sides of the G5655T are crafted from solid 5-ply maple, a beautiful tonewood that yields bright, precise tones, with lots of high-end sparkle and tempered lows. Within the body runs a solid piece of spruce that carries out the job of preventing unwanted feedback from the highly resonant maple body. Therefore, those who're in the pursuit of high-gain can ramp it up, without incurring the wrath of noise colouration from the reverberant tonewood.

The finish is protected by a light coating of incredibly resilient gloss urethane coating, strong enough to protect the paint work, thin enough to allow the tonewood to resonate without impedance. The body and fingerboard are bound in white to protect them from nicks and complete the body's cool aesthetic.


The maple neck and rosewood fingerboard, soften the upper and lower frequency ranges leaving a lovely, rounded signal. They also emphasise the mids to give the G5655T a full-bodied tone with thundering lows, punchy mids and snappy highs when played hard. Played gently, each note rings out with perfect clarity like all good Gretschs do, giving you total confidence in this guitar's ability to shine, no matter what style you wish to play.

The fingerboard is cut to a very comfortable 12.5"" radius that is absolutely perfect for string bending without the unwanted fret buzz or dead notes. The 21 medium-jumbo frets invite you to play as you're guided by the classic white pearloid neo-classic ""Thumbnail"" position inlays. The neck also has a thin coating of gloss urethane, leaving it smooth and fast for rapid movement up and down the fingerboard.


The G5655T features a Black Top Filter'Tron pickup in the bridge position and a dual-coil SUPER HiLo'Tron pickup in the neck position. The Black Top mini-humbucker in the bridge excels in driving mid to low end tones with plenty of bite. The dual-coil Super HiLo'Tron represents the upper mid to high frequency output perfectly by offering up sweet, shimmering highs.


The anchored adjusto-matic bridge ensures the strings' connection to the body is guaranteed throughout each and every performance giving you complete reassurance whilst you play. The much loved Bigsby-license B50 vibrato tailpiece allows you to add your own unique nuances to anything you play. Tuning integrity is maintained thanks to the excellent Grover die cast tuners across the headstock so no matter how many times to bend or dive, this guitar can match you every step of the way.