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Epoxy Scuba Diving Deep Sea Exploration Resin Night Light

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The size of this product is 5.9inch*4.7inch*1.57inch (150mm*100mm*40mm). Size of the lamp holder not included.
Includes wooden LED lamp holder (USB port).

Two brave divers are exploring the secrets of the deep sea, and how beautiful it is. When the light is turned on, the bedroom of the room has a beautiful view—controlled by a wired USB switch. Because it is handmade, every product can't be the same. I hope you understand that.

The lighting adopts monochromatic LED, controlled by buttons and can change color.
Turn on the lights at night, your room will be full of this mysterious color !!!
Each lamp is handmade and cannot be an exact copy, slightly different from the arrangement of wooden shades shown in the photo. Color differences may occur depending on the screen of your device (phone, tablet, computer).
Purely handmade, there will be errors in shape and size

Thanks a lot !!
I affirm that you choose our product is a right thing, you will not be disappointed !