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Daddy/Mother Turtle and Baby Turtle Resin Night Light

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 Variable Multi-Color
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Daddy/Mother turtle and baby turtle resin wood lamp, Epoxy Resin Lamp Ocean,Resin diver lamp,Mothers day gift,Gifts for son,birthday gifts.

Let go of all stress after a hard working day, immerse yourself in the quiet night with 2 parents - sea turtles.Deep in the ocean, the father turtle is leading the baby turtle to explore the world. The baby turtle follows closely behind his father. It seems that he feels quite strange with everything around. Have you seen it? Lonely little clownfish? Somehow, when I saw it, I immediately thought of the movie that I watched so many times when I was a child, "Finding Nemo". Woah, there are so many things in this cute little lamp, it's really a miniature ocean, there are turtles, fish, coral reefs, jellyfish,...

More than just a light, this sea turtle night light will be a real work of art in your room.
Each lamp is handmade and cannot be an exact copy, slightly different from the arrangement of wooden shades shown in the photo. Color differences may occur depending on the screen of your device (phone, tablet, computer).

* Package Resin Epoxy Lamp includes:
- Wooden lamp base with small light bulb
- USB cable
- Led: 16 colors, 5W
- Parts: Epoxy resin + Wooden base + remote control

Special Note: The lamp is completely handmade, there will be errors in shape and size (negligible).

Note: All of our lights are not attached to the wooden base, we send them as decoration, and you can easily replace the base if you don't like our wooden base.

Please note:
Shades and colors displayed by your screen may differ from the originals!
Each piece of art is handmade and any subsequent copy may not be 100% similar to the photo shown or the original. The size will also vary and Some wood may have cracks.
If you are a perfectionist who expects 100% perfect design, sorry, but it does not exist in our artwork.

Wish you have moments of relaxation and happy shopping!!!!!