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    I am a short person. With very thick calfs. And these boots make me tall and powerful. I normally wear between 6- 7 shoes, but I already saw that some people were having some problems with these boots being narrow, and I mean, internet sizes can be questionable, so I sized up a fair amount to be safe, and a nine fit surprisingly well. The straps are nice, they adjust a good amount, the shoes are a bit heavy, but well balanced and comfortable. A little bit stiff, the zipper presses into my ankles quite a bit, but I know that will work out after a while. I overall really love them.
    These shoes are literally to die for, very comfortable, I’m so obsessed !!!!!
    Bought these for my niece for her Birthday...she's into the gothic look right now..
    She really Loves them & says there quite comfortable...
    I love these so much! I do get a bit tired from walking in them for a few hours because they are a bit heavy. And the zipper behind the heel gets bent out of shape the more you wear it and can be a bit scratchy so id suggest thick socks or a shoe insert for that area. But overall theyre perfect and I get so many compliments!
    so overall these boots are a 5 out of 5 i really like the design and how tall it makes me but the tongue does not stay in the front sadly its either always on the side or in the back! but these are still great boots
    Kathryn Ann
    I am very happy with the quality and fit of the boots!! They’re a little loose around the heel area and require thick socks for me but otherwise they’re perfect! The straps were able to be adjusted around my calf and ankle to what I needed and I have gotten so many compliments on them!
    Very comfortable, but a little large in the calf and foot (even after tightening the laces and straps). Thick socks make the fit perfect. They are not heavy like some platforms, but not super light either. Can easily be worn for 8+ hours.